Personal Image


Personal Image

I perform consultancies to women and men through a study, evaluation and diagnosis.

I help you project a stylized figure, adapt clothing designs according to your body type, focusing on your personal color palette, including makeup that highlights your best features and the hair cut that fits you the most.

When it comes to improving personal image for men my goal is to offer you the necessary tools to help you project an image that goes according to your style and personality. We will discover what highlights your face, hair cut, colors, textures and accessories that suit you the most.

Morphological Study

From here, I will teach you how to choose what type of clothes shows off your best features and conceal your imperfections.

Coloring Study

This stage consists of a personalized study on a color palette that will optimize and elevate your natural beauty when it comes to clothes, accessories, makeup and hair tones..

Style Defining

We define a style that best projects who you are and one that highlights your qualities, taking into consideration what kind of sillhoutte your body has.

Facial Topology Study

We analyze what colors, haircuts, glasses and other accessories maximize your face’s natural beauty.

Personal Shopper

I will assist you with your shopping based on your taste, style and budget, buying depending on your needs whether it is professional, everyday, a special event (weddings, prom, baby showers etc), vacation or business trip.

Wardrobe Planning, Closet and Home Editing

We go into your closet and work in detail to decide what pieces you should keep, alter or discard. We create capsules with certain pieces for different occasions or for daily use.

Additionally I will help you organize and improve the image of certain spaces in your house including bathrooms, rooms, garages, offices, kitchen, laundry and your children`s room.